Root Canals Give Your Teeth a Second Chance
By The Dental Center
January 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Root canals give your teeth a second chance when they are at risk of being extracted. Decay can affect a tooth’s ability to function root canalproperly. Simple functions like biting and chewing can be impossible with tooth decay. In such cases, extraction is often the only solution. However, it is possible to save your teeth with root canal therapy. Root canals can repair areas that have decayed, preserve teeth and their roots and restore normal tooth functioning. Your Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist at The Dental Center can determine if a root canal would work for you.

What are Root Canals?

Root canals make it possible for patients to preserve their natural teeth when extensive decay that extends to the roots could result in extraction. A root canal procedure is very similar to filling cavities. During the procedure, your Cedar Rapids dentist drills into the tooth and removes infected pulp from the center of the tooth and root. The area is then cleaned, filled in and sealed, which prevents any decay from spreading. The newly restored tooth can be made even stronger by installing a crown over the top of the tooth.

The pulp substance inside a tooth is a soft tissue. It is situated in the center of a tooth and extends down to the tooth’s root. When tooth decay sets in, the pulp can become infected and inflamed and eventually result in the formation of an abscess below the tooth’s root. Tooth extraction used to be the only option for correcting decay that resulted in an abscess. Today, root canals offer an alternative solution that has the advantage of preserving the natural teeth.

Benefits of Root Canals

One of the main benefits of root canals is that you get to keep your natural teeth rather than have them pulled. In addition to preserving the natural teeth, root canals can also restore normal functions, like chewing and biting. Decay weakens teeth, which can affect their ability to bite down or chew. Restoring the decayed area makes the tooth is made stronger and able to function without sensitivity or pain. Restoring normal functioning has the added benefit of protecting surrounding teeth so that they no longer have to compensate for the decayed one.

Root canals give your teeth a second chance by saving them from extraction. The natural teeth are preserved by removing decayed areas and filling them in, allowing the teeth to function properly again. Root canals can be performed right in your Cedar Rapids, IA, dentist’s office. To learn more about root canals and if they can give your teeth a second chance, contact The Dental Center at (319) 365-0534.